Southwestern Provider Services...

...offers an integrated single-source, HIPAA ready solution for the entire claims universe. This seamless medical billing software solution addresses benefits and eligibility, authorizations and referrals, Medicare compliance, electronic claims processing, claims audit, claims status, remittance posting, secondary billing, contract management, denial management and A/R Management. SPSI provides a comprehensive HIPAA compliant package for the healthcare business office.

Southwestern Provider Serviceís reputation as one of healthcare's most respected IT vendors is a result of years of ceaseless productivity breakthroughs in electronic claims processing. SPSI product innovations for both providers and payers aggressively leverage the power of the Internet, including client/server and ASP technologies.

SPSIís strength is our partnership with you, our clients. We will work to find a solution to the constantly changing demands of healthcare. When others will tell you our system cannot or will not, we will offer our expertise to get answers and solutions.

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